Nomades Shop

Adults or children, men or women, neophytes or experts, everyone can try urban sports. Whether it is a family practice, sports, leisure or urban travel, everyone can find happiness.

Nomadeshop, the only address in Paris that offers a unique product choice in France: roller, scooter, board, BMX. More than a shop, Nomadeshop is an atypical space in which you enter to live an incomparable experience. We can get advice from professionals and buy quality equipment, of course, but it is also possible to test the material, access a course program (in group or solo) and practice activities in a classroom. secure setting with an example of the famous Sunday hike.

A unique space in Paris

Since its creation, the Nomadeshop sales area has become the place to be for all lovers of urban skiing, whether they are professionals or amateurs, adults or children. Located close to the Bastille, Nomadeshop is a unique and atypical space entirely dedicated to urban skiing. Nomadeshop is also accessible through the online sales site allowing everyone, even the most distant, to join his world.

There are of course rollers, scooters, boards, BMX, and roller shoes, but Nomadeshop is more than just a shop: it has developed a real "culture of skiing"combining efficiency and pleasure. We do not go there just to buy or discover the latest news;it is also a platform of activities where practice and comfort of sale are combined.

A unique product choice in France.

As a true professional, Nomadeshop offers mid-range and high-end products and only collaborates with the best suppliers. Hundreds of products are available for sale, covering all disciplines.

Nomadeshop is the only store in France that offers such a wide range of products:

• Rollers: street, freeskate, ride, quad, speed, vitness and hockey

• Scooters: freestyle, adult, electric and child.

• Boards: longboard, cruiser and skateboard

• BMX • And also roller shoes, clothing and accessories.

Nomadeshop sellers are all real specialists and passionate about urban sliding sports. Their expertise and experience allow them to best meet the expectations and needs of customers.

Activities to celebrate the slide

Ski enthusiasts come to Nomadeshop to live a unique experience thanks to the various services offered: repair workshops and customization of rollers and scooters.

Are also offered for roller skaters: Roller blading

With its historic partner Rollers &Coquillages, Nomadeshop organizes every Sunday from 14:30 to 17:30, except rainy days, a roller-blading tour through Paris. This friendly rendez-vous is accessible to all those who master the basics of roller skating; you can come as a couple, with friends or with your family.

Roller renting

Nomadeshop has a fleet of 300 pairs of rollers dedicated to renting; you can rent them for half a day, for the day, for a weekend or a week.

Roller classes

Partner of the Roller Club de France, Nomadeshop organizes all year long roller classes for children and adults. These group and private classes are open to all levels, from initiation to advanced level, and internships for children are offered during school holidays.

Useful information

Find us in our official store located at Place de la Bastille in Paris.

Address: 37 boulevard Bourdon, 75004 Paris

Telephone :

Metro Bastille (lines 1, 5 and 8)

Tuesday to Friday : 11:00 to 13:30 and 14:30 to 19:30

Saturday : From 10h to 19h

Sunday (For skate rental only): From 13 to 18h